Good things come in small packages

It all started at 3pm when I was plucked from my run – I waved goodbye to my last sister and bid farewell to my parents. My mother had warned me this would happen, a human would come and take me home with them and I should do my best to be a perfect puppy.. and inject a bit of chaos into their boring lives.
I’m a Cocker Spaniel and I have been named Teagan Rose. I am 6 and a bit weeks old, incredibly cute and adorable, have a lovely black coat, with a little white splash on my chest, and a full waggy tail. I weigh just a tad over 1.5kg – good things come in small packages.



~ by Teagan on June 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Good things come in small packages”

  1. Hi Teagan… welcome to the blogging community. It would be great to see some photos of you. Hope you are causing lots of chaos in your new home!

  2. Thanks Jane, my PA was having trouble getting my photos loaded but she’s got the hang of it now! I’ll just have to prod her to write something every day, or maybe every other day. Teagan x

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