Breaking them in..

I thought I should do it gently, on my first night, just while I decide what my routine is going to be. We all went to bed at midnight and mummy came downstairs at 2 o’clock so I took advantage of that for a toilet break out on the patio. It was a lovely night so we sat together on the bench and did a bit of bonding. I got put back in my crate half an hour later and did 10 minutes of token whining, but was worn out so went back to sleep until 5 o’clock.

I was starving hungry so had my breakfast at half past five, we played in the garden a while and I had a short nap at 7 o’clock – exhausted after playing chase on the lawn. After horrid concrete, grass is a treat to my little paws, and there are big patches of diggy stuff all around it with things in it.

I had more breakfast at half past eight and did a couple of poos before I had a nap at half past nine. My tummy’s been a bit iffy lately, I think it was the stress of my doggy mum leaving me so early and then all my siblings being taken away one at a time. They were all bigger than me too, so ate faster than me. Now I have a whole bowl to myself but I eat it as fast as I can just in case one of the ‘others’ wants it. I haven’t really met the ‘others’ yet – there are two of them. They’re huge and furry with big staring eyes. They don’t say anything; but I can feel their eyes following me wherever I go. I expect they have little horns on their head under all that fur, but I’d still like to play with them.

It was a really busy day, some people came to see me at lunchtime and then lots of visitors from next door. First two, then three of them and then even more after we’d got home from my first trip to the vet. I like the little boys best.

My New Playmates!


~ by Teagan on June 13, 2008.

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