My Birthday !

Hey, I’m seven weeks old today!! Daddy was up at 5 o’clock this morning but I was feeling sleepy so, after a quick tiddle outside, I went back to bed. Mummy was up at 6 o’clock but she’s been yawning a lot so I let her go back to bed for an hour too. We had a late toilet stop just before bedtime at midnight, so I didn’t even get her up at three o’clock as I didn’t really need to go, besides, it was lovely and warm snuggled up next to my dwarf with the hot tummy.

Pressie time. Mummy bought me a hair dryer and a washing up bowl – I ask you, what on earth does she think I want those for? The presents I got on Saturday were loads better, a whole heap of chewy toys and the fab pheasant from my granny. I got weighed again too and am 1.647 kg.

Mummy had a bath and was busy doing things so I went outside all on my own twice to do a poo, and managed not to step in it! She says I’m going to have a bath later on today.. I’m not sure if I should be looking forward to that or not.

Almost forgot, I did socializing with the postman this morning – he scratched my head and was very nice so I won’t bite him. Auntie Susie sent me a Rogz collar and lead – I’ve already tried them on and been round the garden, they’re just so lovely. I’m sure I’ll get used to the collar, it’s red and has silver bones on it, and the lead is ever so long so now I can take mummy for walks round the garden.

Life is all very exciting but tiring too, so I spend a lot of time snoozing in bed.. this is me in my round bed that is usually underneath mummy’s desk in the office. It’s lovely and cosy but a bit difficult to get in and out of because I’m still so small.

Catching some z\'s


~ by Teagan on June 17, 2008.

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