Easy to Please

If she wasn’t so old I reckon my mum would have done a back flip when she saw my first poo of the day. I went out all on my own, while she was busy doing something, and she came out just as I was finishing. It was a whopper and the perfect shape, even better than the ones I’ve been doing over the weekend.

Perhaps it was the extra sleep I had. We went to bed a bit earlier last night, and I only went out once when mummy got up. Then daddy was up at five again but I pretended to be asleep until mum came downstairs and took me out for a quick walk and we had cuddles on the bench for a while. We both went back to bed until eight o’clock which is really really late.

Anyway, now I’ve got all this extra room inside I just hope I’m going to get a bigger breakfast. I’m always starving hungry and eat my food as quick as I can. I don’t know if I can trust the ‘others’ – they might sneak in and steal it if I don’t!


~ by Teagan on June 18, 2008.

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