People sitting..

Tonight mummy and daddy were keeping an eye on my little friends from next door while their mummy and daddy went out. I had a good nose around their garden and saw the chickens, funny looking things they were. Daddy was playing chess with the boys, which was really boring, so I sat on the sofa with mummy and went to sleep. Mummy took me home later and I went to bed on my own – she just kept coming back to check on me, but with Mr Dwarf to keep me company I don’t get lonely. He’s got a lovely warm tummy and there’s a cuckoo clock that tick-tocks and cuckoos which is nice too. This is a picture of me in my crate with Mr Dwarf, usually I sleep on top of him but I wasn’t sleepy when this was taken.

Bed time in my crate


~ by Teagan on June 20, 2008.

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