The weekend

Went by really quickly! Saturday seems to be my day with daddy. Mummy was working so I kept him company while he was doing his reading work but I did sleep next to mummy some of the time. I have a bed under her desk as well as the one in my crate, and the cardboard box bed! A growing pup can’t have too many beds, when I need to sleep I just have to sleep straight away, I’m too tired to walk too far to find one. Sometimes I just sleep on the footstool and keep feet warm!

Teagan under the desk

Grandma came to visit again on Sunday and she thought I looked bigger and more grown up than last week. When I’m a bit older I’ll be able to go and stay with her for the day and meet all the people where she lives. There are two dogs living near her so it will be fun to go and visit them too.
Tomorrow I’m going to the vet again to have my vaccinations. Once I’ve had my first one I can go to the puppy parties they have so that all us young puppies can meet other young puppies. Otherwise it’s a long time until we’re 12 weeks old and can go out for proper walks and meet strange dogs. Actually I think it’s so mummy and daddy get used to meeting other doggy people and all the attention they’ll get because everyone wants to talk to me!


~ by Teagan on June 22, 2008.

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