Feeling Poorly..

Well, not really, but I went to the vets again today for my vaccinations. Not that I noticed what happened – the vet was very nice and gave me some yummy treats to eat while he did it, so I didn’t feel a thing. I got weighed again and today I’m 1.9kg!! I also got the ‘flea-rub’ again but he couldn’t find any fleas on me. Mummy is sure she got bitten by one but I think she caught it after she combed me with a very tiny comb.

This morning I was out playing in the garden and found a secret supply of food!! There’s a big pot with a climbing plant in it and it’s got this big bushy plant in it as well that has red sweets growing on it. Mummy wasn’t very pleased when she caught me climbing in it and eating all the red things. She says they’re wild strawberries and not for puppy consumption. Such a spoil sport.

Fresh Strawberries for Tea!

My friend Tom from next door came to visit after he finished school today, I wasn’t really feeling very lively so we stayed indoors. After he went home I went back to bed until daddy got home from work. Mummy says it will just be the injection I had – she goes all funny after she’s had them too – and I’ll probably be back to normal in the morning after a good night’s sleep.


~ by Teagan on June 23, 2008.

One Response to “Feeling Poorly..”

  1. Ahhhhhh! I love all the pictures and stories. So cute! Poor old Teagan, what a life eh!

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