Time Flies

Doesn’t it just! Where do the days go? I’m just so busy growing that I never know what day it is. My birthday came and went and I’m now 8 weeks and 1 day old. I went out yesterday with mummy in the car, to the office again. I’ve already been there but this time I met Richard. He was ever so nice and looked after me while daddy tidied his desk and got ready to go home. In fact Richard was so nice I did a special poo for him, indoors. Well, he hasn’t met me before and he didn’t know that I wanted to go and I do such nice poo’s now that I thought he might like one all for himself!

Mummy is a bit obsessive about my poo’s – honestly, she even took a photo of me doing one but I’ve told her she mustn’t show it to anyone! She says they’re now perfect poo’s, so I spend a lot of my day just resting to make sure I do good ones! We even save them for daddy to see when he gets home.. I’m not sure how enthusiastic he really is, but he looks pleased! The vet gave me some special food to eat, because of my dicky tummy, but mummy has been weaning me off that so I should be on the proper regular puppy food soon. She was getting worried about me not getting enough of the DHAs in puppy food, and doesn’t want me spending too much time eating the Hills I/D, which is very nice, but she says I need DHAs for brain food. I’m sure they’re very tasty, but I Iike most things – bird poo, windfall apples, strawberries, bits of sticks, gravel, flowers, in fact I’ll try eating anything that’s not nailed down.

Hey, I dug a hole today and mummy said daddy would be excited about that too. He hasn’t seen it yet though. I hope he likes it.

Yesterday when mummy left me at the office with daddy she went off with Auntie Susie and took her two puppies for a walk with her. She says I can meet them when I’m bigger, well, Shelby first because Maja is kind of a giant! So I have to be a bit bigger before I can meet her, otherwise she might just step on me and I’ll just be a little flat squished thing. I think mummy is looking forward to when we can go for proper walks together – right now I’m only allowed to play a bit in the garden, and play chase round the flower bed. It won’t be long, I just have to wait for 2 weeks after my next trip to the vet and then I’ll be 12 weeks old and all grown up and able to go for walks where proper doggies go.. even if it is only for a little tiny puppy sized walk!

Shelby 6 Months Old!

This is a picture of Auntie Susie’s puppy – her name is Shelby and we’re going to be friends when I’m a bit bigger! The other picture is of Shelby and Maja, but it’s a bit fuzzy, mummy isn’t very good at taking photographs and we don’t sit still very often so that makes it more difficult for her. Maja is a Hungarian Viszla which is very posh and there aren’t a lot around.. she looks a bit gangly but mummy says she’s very nice and friendly and can’t help having long legs and big floppy drooly chops! Shelby is a Cocker Spaniel like me – she’s orange & white and very pretty.. but she does show the dirt a bit! We’re muck magnets but with me being black I’ll get away with having less baths!

Maja - the Hungarian Viszla!!

I’ve been trying to help mummy in the garden but she gets a bit annoyed with me when I eat things.. she seems to be fond of the flowers and doesn’t like it when I eat them. This is her favourite rose – it was drooping all over the lawn but she’s tied it up now so I can’t get to it. So now I have to eat the lobelia instead.

Mummy\'s favourite rose

Mummy has lots more photos in the camera but I’ve kept her so busy today that she hasn’t had time to put them in the computer. Maybe I’ll be good and let her get on with some work tomorrow! Or maybe not….

Almost forgot, I really should tell you about the ‘others’ one day too! There are two ‘others’ and we don’t meet very often but they either sit and watch me or, if I’m lucky enough to get in the same room as them, they run and hide. WOL (that’s ‘woof out loud’ for the uninitiated) .. Sometimes they’re sitting on the kitchen counter and just stare at me, which is really creepy, I can feel their eyes boring holes into the back of me… I’ll get mummy to post some pictures of them so you can see how big they are!


~ by Teagan on June 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Time Flies”

  1. You really should tell lots of people about your blog Teagan! I’m sure they would love to read about you. The pictures are great. Can’t wait to meet you in person (or should that be “puppy”?)

  2. Glad you like it Jane, I can’t wait to meet you too – I just love new ankles to nibble!

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