Speed Eating

2.14kg this morning!! I told mum that I’d not long had my breakfast, so there are 18 grams of puppy food included in that, oh, and some water of course. Talking of breakfast, this morning I didn’t get my usual cereal bowl, I got a big glass pie dish with an upturned bowl in the middle. Only a little upside down bowl, mummy says it’s a ramekin dish, whatever that is, but it was like a little roundabout. So it took me a lot longer to eat my starvation ration – I had to chase it round the roundabout and walk around the bowl until I found the last little bit. Mummy says I’m a little piglet, I eat anything and usually I can eat a whole dinner in about 10 seconds – I’m like Henry hoover in turbo mode. A few times I’ve managed to escape into the cat zone, WOL, you should see the humans run then – sometimes I make it to the cat biscuits before them, but they’re getting sneaky and have moved them somewhere else now. Ha.. I’ll find them, just you wait!

Anyway, this is all because Auntie Susie had told mummy about a doggy ‘brake-fast bowl’ which has 3 raised lumps in the bottom. She’s going to buy one for me but read that you can also try putting a ball or stones in the bowl instead. It would be a whole lot cheaper and mummy could spend the money on something else for me instead.

I was at home all day yesterday, but the weather was nice so we were out in the garden a lot. I dug my hole a bit deeper – daddy was very impressed when he saw it! Mummy says the baby sparrows have been using it as a dust bath, but they all fly away when I run down the pathway so I haven’t seen them.

Dig Dig Dig

The First Hole

Now, how’s that for a hole!



~ by Teagan on June 27, 2008.

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