Wondrous MPT’s

Is it a toy or food?

Yes, okay, she chopped my tail off, but I suppose it’s better than chopping my head off. I really must get her to think before she clicks! Anyway, I bet you’re wondering what MPT’s are. Well, I’ve been playing with windfall apples and they’re a really good example of an MPT. Not only can I chase them around by myself, mummy can throw them for me and I can bring them back to her. While I’m carrying them they’re cleaning my teeth – I have to find the right size apple because the little ones get stuck on my teeth and I can’t get them off without mummy’s help, but the big ones I can do on my own. So I can play with them, they clean my teeth and when I’m all tired out I can lie down and have a little nibble! They’re not so nice as strawberries, but at least mummy doesn’t pull a face like she does when I find a nice big bird poo to eat! So, they’re Multi-Purpose-Toys. Mummy uses kitchen roll to pick up my poos in the garden and I get all the empty cardboard tubes – they’re fun too. I can chase them round and then when I get bored I chew them up, but they’re not very tasty so I just leave the soggy bits for mummy.

Escape into the Forbidden Zone

This is me playing with a tall flower that isn’t so tall anymore because I’ve squished them. I’m not really supposed to be in this bit of the garden – there are bits of hardboard and watering cans and trellis and all sorts to stop me getting into mischief and falling down steps or over the wall.

Takes more than that to stop me!

But, I’m a pup, and pups like mischief so I can get most anywhere I want to. I’m okay at getting into places but sometimes need a bit of help getting out again. This wall is just a bit too high for me at the moment…

Teagan thinking about doing the sliiiiiide...

We’re off out now to visit Auntie Joan (I’ve got a lot of Auntie’s!). She used to live next door, before my little friends moved in, and mummy has told me all about her. She has three cats and used to have a Springer called Benson and a black Labrador called Lucy, and mummy used to take them for walks for her. I’ll let you know how we get on.

~ by Teagan on June 28, 2008.

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