My new Brake-fast Bowl..

I think it’s a torture device. I’m a poor starving pup and I used to be able to eat my dinner in about 10 seconds, or maybe 15 if I stopped to take a breath mid-feed. Now it’s like an obstacle course and takes me at least 3 minutes and that’s with mummy taking pity of me and tipping the bowl up so I can get the last couple of biscuits out. This evening it took me aaaaaaaaaages to get the last biscuit. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon – maybe I’ll be given more meals so I get more practise?

Oh well, mustn’t grumble, it’s a massive bowl so I reckon I’ll be getting more food when I get bigger. In the box it came in were two free Gluten Free Chicken & Herb treats and they were absolutely scrumptious, it’s a shame there were only two. I’ve been getting extra biscuits lately as rewards for doing things, and a puppy milk bonio most days. Mummy’s been getting me to sit down and then gives me a biscuit.. easy peasy! I tried to just stay sitting down but she makes me walk around and then asks me to sit again. Today I was being good and fetching my ball too – I haven’t done that before but I did it about six times before I got tired and hid it by the pond.

Hey, I haven’t told you about that yet have I.. we spent some of the weekend and all day Monday in the garden, well, mummy did. I helped a bit in between naps. Anyway, we’ve got a pond, only a little one, but it looked just like flower bed before and now I can see water! I wasn’t very keen on getting wet when I was very little, but I’m getting to quite like it and go for a paddle every time I go out now!

Teagan having a paddle

There are lots of frogs in it and some funny green stuff that gets on my paws. I think I saw a newt too, mummy says there are lots of big ones that live under the stones.

It’s my birthday tomorrow, I’ll be 9 weeks old. Daddy’s coming home early from work so we can have a puppy party!


~ by Teagan on July 1, 2008.

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