The unfortunate event on 25th June

I thought that if I said something quickly enough no one would notice or even pay attention to it. Not so. That quick poo I did for Uncle Richard on the 25th June was no big deal. It only took a few seconds and I’d have gone outside if he hadn’t put my leash round a table leg and been ignoring me. But now I’ve heard that he’s ‘taking the poo’ and everyone will be laughing at me. This is what’s been emailed round the office today…

Important update : ” Just to let you know that whilst Daddy was upstairs clearing his desk and Uncle Richard wasn’t looking, I had a mighty poo on the office carpet ! Uncle Richard was a little concerned ‘cos he said something about it being execution only, and apparently we are not supposed to do that kind of business – especially on the office carpet!

However Daddy said business had been quiet lately and although it could be considered high risk business he thought our money, sorry carpet laundering procedures would stand up to the test !

Anyway Uncle Richard cleared up the crap muttering something about having worked in Compliance since 1991 he was well used to it.

After all that I was tired so Daddy put me in the cat box and took me home, saying that quite a few clients were opening deposit accounts these days, and thank heavens the office was not yet totally paperless!”

Hrmmph… well I don’t think it’s very funny. The day can’t get much worse, can it? My ‘present’ arrived in the post this morning, my new brake-fast food bowl. If I ever meet the inventor I’ll tell him exactly what I think of him. Lunch was a nightmare – but more on that later, I need to sleep and calm down.


~ by Teagan on July 1, 2008.

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