Furballs !!

I’ve been feeling a lot better today but my lump is really huge, or at least it was this morning. This afternoon I started leaking and mummy has been bathing it in warm salty water with kitchen towel. She took some photos too, not my best angle to be photographed when I’m doing my upside down dangly sleeping, but mummy says I’m cute whichever way you look at me. Hopefully it’s getting smaller and will soon be all gone as it’s really irritating having a golfball stuck on my neck.

My lump

My lump

It’s been really really windy outside today – daddy is in Paignton sailing but it’s even too windy for that today so he’s gone somewhere on a steam train instead. He spoke to me last night, or at least I heard his voice coming out of this thing that mummy was holding. It was a bit confusing but it was definitely daddy’s voice saying hello to me.

This afternoon I was sick – brought up all my dinner and, get this, a furball !! Now, I guess you might be asking how a puppy gets a furball?  Well, mummy thought she’d let me into the cat zone for a little while, where there are rugs on the floor and big comfy chairs, but as usual I got over excited and did my mad dash all round and straight into the dining room where there used to be the food bowls for the ‘others’. The food is long gone but I still look for it.. anyway, today I found a funny colour sausage on the carpet – mummy spotted it too, but I got there first and hoovered it up really quick so that there was nothing for her to see when she opened my mouth! Didn’t even touch the sides, but I guess it didn’t agree with my tummy so perhaps I won’t be trying one of those again in a hurry!!

Resting on a cosy blanket

Resting on a cosy blanket

Hey, I almost forgot to tell you – I was 2.4kg when I got weighed this afternoon and that was before the furball incident!


~ by Teagan on July 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Furballs !!”

  1. Hope your lump goes away soon. Have a look at the flycatcher pics/video on my blog (that should cheer you up little pup!) Take care and hope to meet you soon. Jane

  2. Hi Jane, Teagan’s mum here as she’s at the vets having a little op to remove her lump which was the size of a golfball this morning. Hopefully the vet will find out what caused it as it’s all a bit of a mystery. She should be home this afternoon so we’ll sit and watch your flycatcher video while she’s recuperating!

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