On the mend…

A girl's gotta sleep...

A girl's gotta sleep...

It’s been ages since I last blogged, almost a whole week. Last Sunday I was a bit subdued, my lump was really getting on my nerves and was soooo annoying. I just didn’t feel like playing ball at all. On the Monday mummy changed my appointment to first thing in the morning and I didn’t have any breakfast ‘just in case’. Hmmm she didn’t explain what she meant by that, but I know now! The nice vet Duncan examined my lump and took my temperature again.. and said that I should stay in and have my abscess drained. I had my front leg shaved and they gave me a sleepy injection so I don’t remember what happened. I woke up some time after lunch and my neck was really sore but the nice nurses were really good and gave me lots of cuddles. Mummy rang up but didn’t speak to me and I heard the nurses say that I was going to stay in overnight so they could give me some pain relief and keep an eye on my wound.

It wasn’t too bad.. they gave me loads and loads of food… mummy came to pick me up on Tuesday morning and couldn’t believe how tubby I was after only a day! She weighed me at home and I was 3 kilos! It was good to be back home again with my own bed and all my toys. Mummy has been cleaning my wound with warm salty water – it’s quite fun really and sometimes I manage to get the cotton wool in my mouth instead of on my neck.

I’m supposed to be recuperating but I feel just fine now and am full of beans. I think mummy would like me to lie down and be quiet more but I just want to be running around and biting things and eating everything I can. I’m back to my starvation rations and I’m only 2.7kg now – I think it was all the tinned food that was weighing heavy in my tummy, but that was all gone not long after I got home!

Anyway, I’ve not been anywhere this week – oh, we had a little trip out in the car tonight when mummy wanted me to try out my new harness, but that wasn’t a great success – but I’ve spent lots of time out in the garden running around and practising my “fetch” and “sit”. I’m getting good at it now, well, most of the time. Sometimes I can’t be bothered so I just run off with the ball and hide amongst the flowers. I get biscuit treats, strawberries or bits of chopped up apple if I do it right.

This is me trying out my new bed for size… I got lots of pressies today, mummy got me a new bed and a parcel came in the post from Aunty Liz and Cousin Richard.. a whizzy yellow frisbee and a really scrumptious chewy rope toy!


~ by Teagan on July 10, 2008.

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