Fun Fun Fun

This is me and my new rope toy that Aunty Liz and Cousin Richard sent me. It’s really nice and chewy – mummy says it cleans my teeth too.

Today I’ve been playing lots and hardly sleeping at all. Poor mummy can’t keep up with me and daddy has been going to bed early every night because I’ve been wearing him out!

I’m feeling much better now and my neck doesn’t hurt at all but I’ll get it checked out when we go back to the vets on Monday. I’m having my 2nd vaccinations then too… so it will only be 2 weeks before I can go out and do socialising with other dogs! I can’t wait… I’ve met lots of people but I want to meet Shelby! Mummy’s told me all about her and says she’s got a boyfriend called Ollie – he’s a working cocker just like me, all black, but 11 months old so almost grown up. Shelby’s 6 months old now and when I’m as old as she is I’m going to have lots of boyfriends too.

Granny will be coming over to see me tomorrow, I bet she’ll say “my, haven’t you grown” because she hasn’t seen me for nearly two weeks. Grownup humans always say things like that. Hopefully I’ll see my little friends from next door at the weekend as well – they came over to play during the week but didn’t stay very long and we couldn’t go out in the garden because it was raining. I don’t like the rain much. I quite like jumping in the pond though.

I'm bigger than a ruler!!

I'm bigger than a ruler!!

This is me on my bed again… I’m all tired out so I shall let mummy go to bed now.


~ by Teagan on July 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “Fun Fun Fun”

  1. Love the video…. we want to see more of Mr G running round the garden! It made Mr A laugh out loud! Hope to meet you soon Teagan… Jane x

  2. Lovely video, I really enjoyed seeing him run around the garden with his little legs going so fast.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the video… Mummy thought you were talking about me first and then the penny dropped and she laughed a lot. Teagan x

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