Cute Stuff

I know I’m always cute but sometimes I just look a bit cuter than usual!

I think mummy needs to learn how to get more dog and less grass in the pictures. Any advice/idiot guides gratefully received. We’ve been out playing in the garden again with the ball and the MPT’s – here’s one that’s just stopped being a toy and has become a snack..

An apple a day keeps the vet away?

An apple a day keeps the vet away?

I can’t eat a whole apple in one go but I like to just nibble a bit every now and then. Keeps my teeth clean and fills little gaps between mealtimes. I’m still getting four meals a day but I heard mummy talking about cutting me back to three meals a day in a couple of weeks time, hmmm, don’t like the sound of that but I guess 3 bigger meals instead of 4 smaller ones will be okay.

I did get to help with a bit of gardening – here you can see the little fence they put up to stop me falling off the wall. It’s not much good because now I can get up and down the steps on my own I just run up and down on either side of the fence. Mummy says it stops me falling off when I’m not paying attention – she says I run around without looking where I’m going which is why I’m always tripping up and bumping into things!

Anyway, that’s quite enough cuteness – well, maybe just one more..

How about these for a pair of ears..

How about these for a pair of ears..


~ by Teagan on July 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Cute Stuff”

  1. Tell Mum to turn the camera round, so that the pictures are “portrait” instead of “landscape”. She should get less grass then and more cute close-ups of you!

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