Feeling all penned in…

The Caged Pup

The Caged Pup

This is an old picture of me in my pen. I was only 7 weeks old and mummy had just put me in to try it out for size. I wasn’t keen then and I’m not too keen on it now but occasionally I have to go in it for my own safety.. usually I find lots of biscuits on the grass and my toys are in there too. It’s still not as much fun as being out helping mummy and daddy in the garden when they’re cutting the grass or using some big scissors to chop bits of plants off. I love to join in with gardening and I pull lots of plants out of the ground, roots and all – mummy says I might end up with only 3 legs if I get too close when she’s using the big scissors.

Granny came to visit me yesterday because she’s going on holiday next week. We had lots of fun playing in the garden and I showed her how clever I am at fetching the ball and sitting for a treat. She didn’t like it when I bit her ankles though.. no one seems to like that game, but I think it’s great fun – ankles, wrists, knees.. and hanging onto trouser legs and skirts is fun too. Sometimes I get all excited and bark – I haven’t got that quite right yet, I can only make a little funny “wuff”, but I’m sure I’ll get it right if I practise. Sometimes when I’m asleep I wake up “wuffing”. Mummy says I’m having dreams but I can never remember what it was that made me bark. When I’m grown up I’ll do proper big woofs.

I’m also going to go out a lot too – this is a picture of me in my harness for the car. We haven’t been out again since last time we tried it out because I wasn’t very good, but when I’m a bit older I’ll behave a bit better! Everything is just so exciting at the moment and I can’t help but go all bouncy and silly.

Waiting for a treat...

Waiting for a treat...

You can’t really see the harness because it’s black like me, but it has a little orange RAC label on the front which looks quite smart. You can also see the bald patch on my leg..


~ by Teagan on July 13, 2008.

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