Roll on Wednesday!!

Hey, I had my second vaccinations today and am all booked in for the puppy parties starting this Wednesday night. Mummy and Daddy will be coming with me and while all the humans are being trained about being good parents, I get to play with all the other puppies – how good is that!!! I met two big dogs in the waiting room today – one was a labrador and the other one was a big brown spaniel that had a poorly paw and was wearing a bright pink bandage! I had to stay on mummy’s knee though, which was a bit difficult as I really did want to get down and run around, but I was very good and only nearly fell off once.

I got weighed again today and was 3.2kg so that means I can have even more food. I was getting 100 grams including treats but now I think I’m getting 100 grams plus treats as extras. Some of my treats are strawberries and apple so they don’t really count because they’re healthy and won’t make me fat.

Mummy found these lovely pictures today – maybe she’ll get some professional pictures done of me one day too. Kramer is a really cute puppy – I might get to meet some like him at the puppy parties!

Anyway, that’s all for now… I was just so excited I wanted to tell everyone my news!


~ by Teagan on July 14, 2008.

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