Am I “His” dog or “Her” dog ??

I’m confused.. why am I “his” dog when I’m doing cute stuff… I’d just been doing a bit of gardening and checking out the pond then went to say hello to mummy. I was a bit damp, that’s all.. I’d even dropped the pile of pondweed, well, actually I’d hidden it for later otherwise it gets put back in the pond.

I've been swimming...

I've been swimming...

When I’m playing fetch or feeling sleepy then I’m mummy’s favourite little pup.. this is me just before I did something naughty. I think I may have had something in my mouth and I was being defiant because mummy insists on trying to fish things out again. What do you think of the portrait photograph – makes a change and you get much more of me in it! Thanks for the tip Jane.

I dare you....

Not guilty...

It was really warm out today so we were out in the garden a lot. I ate lots of weeds – it saves mummy putting them on the compost heap. I just love the taste of soil between my teeth and it’s such fun having mummy chase me around the garden. I like the taste of practically everything though – I even ate some bird seed yesterday when I was having a walk at the back of the house. I don’t get to go there very often and the birds hadn’t finished all their food so I had a sneaky hoover up when mummy wasn’t looking. I thought I’d got away with it but she spotted the seeds in my poo – she really is quite fanatical about my poos and still examines them if she spots anything odd!

This is me having a quick paddle in the pond. It’s a bit of a pixelly video and mummy is struggling with Vimeo and VodPod which Jane said was much better – she hates reading the instructions but I think she’s going to give in and click on help. Anyway, it’s getting late now and I’ve gone to bed to do my overnight growing – hey did you notice the size of my feet up there!! My legs are getting longer every day and my feet are getting really huge – it’s really weird and I keep tripping up steps and falling over! Mummy says I’m getting like a werewolf too – I’m really hairy between my toes and the backs of my legs and round my bottom are ever so tufty!! Even my tummy isn’t quite so bald and pink any more!

Puppy party tomorrow!!!!!!!

~ by Teagan on July 15, 2008.

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