Puppy Party ! !

Well, today was just soooooo exciting! I spent the day annoying mummy and being really hyper. She went out in the morning for a couple of hours and I had a nap then, but apart from that I stayed up most of the afternoon playing with my toys, wrecking my bed, chewing on mummy’s flipflops and generally being a nibbly nuisance. She told me to have a nap but I wouldn’t listen… should’ve realised that mummy knows best!

Daddy came home just before we left for the party – mummy tried to get me to have a poo before we went, but I could only manage a tiddle. I rode in the back of the car with daddy and I just couldn’t sit still. Anyway, there were five of us there, all 12 weeks or younger – Dora a very tall leggy lurcher x whippet heinz 57 puppy who was even bouncier than me and very woofy, Maisy a big solid black labrador, Jellybean a pretty brown and white springer spaniel, who was a bit shy at first, and Digby who was the smallest and the youngest (he was only 8 weeks old), and the only boy amongst all us girls. Not quite sure what he was, a little cutie though and even smaller than me!

Anyway, we were all let off our leads and allowed to run around together. Digby was quite shy at first, and Jellybean was quite tired, but they both joined in after a while. Maisy was the biggest and cried a lot, but she’d only been with her human mummy since Monday, so I guess she was missing her brothers and sisters. Digby sat back and watched in the beginning but he was quite friendly too. Jellybean was my favourite, she kept nibbling me and biting my paws. Dora was fun but she had such long legs she towered over me. Mummy took some photos but all the puppies are just blurs so here are a couple of the little videos that she took. (I’m crossing my paws here that they’ll magically appear!!)

The party was in the waiting room of the veterinary surgery in Wimborne and it was a bit dark for taking pictures – and with me being black I didn’t show up very well, but I’m the small black blob that runs around a lot! Hey, I almost forgot to tell you, we all got weighed while we were there and I was 3.35 kilos. We had to stand on the big grown up doggy scales this time – not the baby scales – and we all got a biscuit for being good.

Next week the party is on Thursday and a lady vet will be there and any puppies who want to be microchipped can have it done for half price. I’ve already had mine done though, when I had my abscess drained under anaesthetic last Monday. I’ve heard that it’s a huge needle and hurts lots, so I’m glad I’ve already had mine done!

I’m sooooooo tired after all the excitement.. I was horrid to mummy on the journey home, daddy drove and for the first bit of the journey I was being really bitey, but then I just couldn’t keep my eyes open and went to sleep. When we got home I went out for a tiddle but didn’t stay out long because I just couldn’t wait to get in my bed and sleep. Daddy’s going to London tomorrow and will be getting up before 5 o’clock – I hope he does it quietly and doesn’t wake me up… I reckon I’m going to want a lie in and I won’t want him telling me I should be getting up for a tiddle!!


~ by Teagan on July 16, 2008.

One Response to “Puppy Party ! !”

  1. It looks like you had a great time… lots of bouncing! Jane x

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