Sleepy Pooch..

I’m still a tired pooch – mummy came downstairs at half past four, so I got up and had a quick snuggle in her dressing gown to get some milk… never seem to get any nowadays but I keep trying! [edit… Aunty Liz just said that sounds odd… mummy has one of those plush fleece dressing gowns and when I’m sleepy it’s just really cosy to snuggle up and chew on her sleeve and paddle with my feet, just like I did when I was with my real mummy. Only difference is I used to get milk from my real mummy and she wasn’t pink and fleecy!! Aunty Susie says that her Shelby used to do it too and she called hers the “dressing gown of lurve”! I think Aunty Liz needs to go get a puppy of her own and then she’ll know what I mean!]

Anyway, she went back to bed and as soon as I’d dropped off again then down came daddy quarter of an hour later. I figured if I was to get any peace I’d better be a good girl so when he took me outside I did a pee and a poo as quick as I could so I could get back to bed! Daddy went off before six o’clock so I had a nice long snooze until mummy got up at half past seven. I had a token play in the bathroom while she had her bath – I even found some squishy white things that rolled along the floor. I got two out to play with but she kept shouting no at me, so I was good and left them alone… for the time being.

Yes, I won’t forget about them but I’ll bide my time and one day soon she’ll leave the bathroom door open and I’ll go and investigate…

After breakfast I went back to bed again so that mummy can get some work done. I did go out and play for a little while but I’d rather lie in bed and chew on my bone – I think today is going to be a growing day so I need to conserve my energy! Besides, mummy hasn’t been getting much of anything done lately – you should see her pile of ironing! She has to wait until I’m asleep and does it the room where the ‘others’ live, she did try it with me in the room too but she got annoyed when I played tug with the dangly bits.


~ by Teagan on July 17, 2008.

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