Health and Safety

It’s fine saying that someone is always keeping an eye on me when I’m out in the garden, but sometimes I manage to sneak out the conservatory door when no one is looking and even when someone is out with me I can still run faster than them and hide in the flowerbeds… or… the pond. I just love the pond, it’s not very deep and is full of plants so I can actually ‘walk on water’ to cross it, but I still get wet up to my tummy and if I’m pondweed-bobbing I get my head wet.

I heard them saying that they’re going to put a little fence around it, or over it, just until I’m a bit bigger and more sensible. Huh. No sense of fun these humans. Anyway, I saw mummy coming out of the shed with two rolls of green stuff – she covered up the little pond with some of it, it’s an old stone sink that has some big frogs living in it – so before she could pick up the other piece of green stuff I grabbed an end and ran away with it! I was going to hide it in the bushes, but it was too big for me to hide. So I just ran around with it. Seemed to work as the pond still isn’t covered up.

Jane came to visit me today – she was lovely and let me leap all over her and lick her ears. She also let me chew on her shoes – they were absolutely scrumptious!! I’m going to go and visit her at her house when I’m allowed out properly – she has foxes and badgers visit her garden so there will loads of nice smells. We don’t get those here at home, only a hedehog that I’ve not met yet, but mummy has told me to be careful if I do meet it. I don’t suppose I’ll take much notice of her if I do….

I’ll just finish off with yet another cute picture of me… mummy took it yesterday when she was working and I was sleeping next to her desk. You can see my bald patch on my neck where my lump used to be.

I need a bigger bed...

I need a bigger bed...

I’ve got more visitors coming tomorrow… a friend of mummy’s and her little boy… mmmm I can hardly wait to taste those juicy young ankles!!


~ by Teagan on July 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Health and Safety”

  1. That video is hilarious. “Arrh, I must keel the fence. Eez eet dead? No? I must keel it again!” What a loon – but a very very sweet one of course.

    Beautiful garden by the way.

  2. Hello Fred, Thanks for visiting, glad you enjoyed the video, I had fun making it! The garden is still ‘work in progress’ but even after only 5 weeks I’ve made a difference… not that mummy appreciates it! Do stop by again soon, Teagan x x woof

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