Fun fun fun fun fun !!!!!

I hardly know where to start, there’s been so much going on since Friday. Saturday was quite quiet really, compared to today – it was daddy’s birthday so I had a special treat and got taken upstairs to wake him up!! Wooo that was such fun.. running around on his big bed. I even fell off once and came face to face with one of the ‘others’… didn’t get to play chase though as I got picked up and put back on the bed. I spent most of the day playing with daddy because mummy went out and didn’t come back until nearly tea time but brought me back a lovely big duck and some more chewy sticks.

Saturday night my crate disappeared!! I’ve just got my cardboard box bed and my new green doggie duvet in the hallway with all my toys. The kitchen doorway has bars at it now so I can see though easier and watch what the ‘others’ are doing and keep an eye on the humans too. I didn’t miss my crate at all so I don’t think it will be coming back.

Look no crate!

Look no crate!

Anyway, to get on with the exciting things that happened today!!! This morning mummy’s friend Sally came to visit with her little boy Henry. They gave me a lovely chewy yellow rubber bone toy – it’s really yummy and feels great on my teeth. Henry was good fun and we ran around in the garden together and I only bit him a little bit!

My new friend Henry

My new friend Henry

After they left mummy made me go to bed for a nap because she said I was going to get a surprise … so I was a good girl and went to sleep for a while. Anyway, a bit later on mummy woke me up and took me out in the garden and there was Aunty Susie and Karlie and SHELBY!!! Wow… it was just so exciting, mummy had told me all about her but she was just great! We were a bit shy to start with and didn’t know what to say to each other, so we just rolled on our backs, well, Shelby did that more than me.. I just wanted to bounce around and say hello! Once we got over our shyness we raced around the garden all over the flower beds, played hide and seek, chase and fetch and went in the pond… It was just so much fun having someone to play with!

Here are some pictures of Shelby and me.. mummy has some videos too but it’s not working at the moment so she says she’ll put them on tomorrow.

Just passing by...

Just passing by...

This is Shelby and me going for a walk… I’m a bit blurry because I had to walk faster than she did! She’s gorgeous isn’t she, and so nice to play with, I hope I grow up to be like her.

Shelby and me..

Shelby and me..

Oh I almost forgot, after they left it wasn’t long before my friends James and Tom from next door came round with a friend so we went out and had a little play in the garden… nothing too vigorous because I was feeling pretty worn out after all the running around with Shelby and I’m not supposed to do that much exercise all in one go. Then their mummy came over and took them home for their tea so I went and had another nap.

Such a busy day!!


~ by Teagan on July 20, 2008.

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