Monday morning…

There was none of that Monday morning feeling today… I was up and about and full of beans!! Well, actually I was full of birdseed… which mummy found out when I did a spotty seedy poo!! She thought we’d do some training but we all know what thought did and I wasn’t having any of it… I did bring the ball back a few times and then I decided to just run and hide it so she couldn’t find it. When she went looking she found two other toys I’d hidden when she wasn’t looking!

This is one of the videos mummy took yesterday… this is Shelby when she was still quite shy!!

And here’s another one – they don’t really show how much fun it was for us, or how pretty Shelby is. I can’t wait until she can come over to play again!!

I told you the other day that I thought they’d forgotten about fencing round the pond.. well, boring old daddy went and bought a whole big roll of new fencing and put it up yesterday. It’s all along the flower border so now I have to walk all the way around the garden to the other patio and then climb up into the flower bed where the pond is. It does stop me from falling in by accident though.. I did that the other day when I was playing ball with daddy… I just forgot to stop and ran straight into it – gave myself quite a fright. Daddy helped me out and took me in to mummy who dried me off with towels.

One last video to finish off with for today…

Hope you like them, even if they’re not very good! Mummy still hasn’t got round to working out how to edit them and cut out the boring bits and make one good one! Can’t imagine why she hasn’t had time because she’s at home all day with me with nothing to do…


~ by Teagan on July 21, 2008.

One Response to “Monday morning…”

  1. ENJOYED your video, your mam said you must be a
    nut case. Andrew is here at the moment and we have really enjoyed your blog. What alovely little dog I am sure she we bring you lots of laughs and love,
    Doreen and Andrew.

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