Lilies anyone?

Today the lilies were cut. I hadn’t really shown much interest in them, apart from racing round and round under their leaves and hiding in them, but I do quite like chomping on flowers – I’m quite partial to the red poppies now I’m taller – and mummy was worried that I’d start eating the daylilies. Apparently they’re on the list of things I’m not allowed to eat…. along with slugs & snails, grapes, raisins, chocolate and loads of other things that I’d probably hoover up if I got half a chance. Human food is a big no-no and there’s no plate licking in this house either – I’m ‘just a dog’ and I’m positively deprived!

Anyway, mummy had already dug out most of the euphorbia that was near the front of the flowerbeds, well, she said she didn’t like it much anyway… but decided to just cut all the flowers off the daylilies. She reckons that by next year I’ll have grown up and be all sensible… we’ll have to see about that! Here they are…

Now we just have to see if mummy can keep up with dead heading them every day without me to do it for her!

We didn’t really do much else today – this morning Auntie Katrina came to visit me again and brought me a lovely chewy toy, I’m such a lucky little pup! After that I helped mummy with some weeding and pruning and had quite a lot of little naps in between gardening and playing. Granny got back from her trip so mummy went to pick her up from the coach while I stayed home and played with daddy. I managed to tire him out again – he’s always tired!

Hey, I can’t have a day without a cute puppy picture, that just wouldn’t do!!

Not the most flattering photograph!!

Not the most flattering photograph!!

I’m not sure what we’re doing tomorrow, but Thursday is puppy class so I’ll get to see Dora and Maisy and Jellybean and Digby again… I can’t wait!!

~ by Teagan on July 22, 2008.

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