Hey, I’m a filmstar…

Woo hoo, mummy has been playing about with video editing so now I’ve got better clips!! Well, maybe not better.. just longer and hopefully some of the boring bits taken out.. and titles as well… how clever is that. Probably not very, but it was her first go so just be nice!

Puppy class was great fun again, we all had a whale of a time dashing round while the nice lady vet talked to our mums and dads about fleas and ticks and worms and allsorts. There was a newbie there this week, Shanty – just like the andrex puppy, she was great fun. Digby was quite boisterous as well.. though of course not as boisterous as me.. but Dora was still the most bouncy with her great long legs and snapping teeth.

Frances, the vet, was very nice – even though she made me squeal. She showed mummy & daddy how to grab me by the scruff of my neck.. properly.. they’ve been far too nice to me up until now, weren’t doing it right at all. I guess I’d better start behaving a bit better… Talking about squealing, she didn’t half make little Digby shout! You could have heard a pin drop if he hadn’t been shouting so loudly – apparently schnauzers have to have their ears plucked inside to keep their ear canal clear. So Frances showed his parents how to do it.. and they’ve got to pluck out a little bit every day.. so he gets used to it and then it won’t hurt as much. Cor, I’m just so glad that I’m not a schnauzer! I think I have to have my ears trimmed, and the fur between my pads, and any other bits that get out of hand – I don’t want to look like one of those poncy show dogs! I want to be able to have a quick hose down followed by a rub down with a towel… I don’t really want to have the full works with bubbles and hair dryer too often!

~ by Teagan on July 25, 2008.

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