Gardening Dogs

I’ve been at it again.. helping.. but I keep getting it wrong. This was in mummy’s inbox this week, in her HomeEnvy newsletter.

Quote of the week:
Gardens can go to the dogs when they get overrun with nasty invading weeds, or they can really go to the dogs with the introduction of a new, rambunctious puppy. From aristocratic airedales to noble retrievers to kindly wolfhounds, I have seen many gardens enhanced by the presence of dogs, but some of them trashed too. One garden we booked to shoot for my TV show Gardener’s Journal had an impeccable collection of alpine plants, but the night before the shoot a new puppy got loose and removed all the tags identifying the plants. The owner, who kept meticulous records, was not amused. – Kathy Renwald

Rambunctious is a good word, I think I’m rambunctious! You can read the whole thing HERE if you want to.

I’ve also been digging some holes… but I know I shouldn’t, like I know I shouldn’t go on the flowerbeds, but it’s just such good fun, so I do push my luck a bit if I think no one is looking.

In case you were wondering what the daylilies are doing.. they’re all flowering, not that I’m allowed near them..

Daylilies 22 July

Day lilies

They’re in the dining room which is where the ‘others’ are allowed to go.. but they don’t go on the table because day lilies aren’t good for them either. This is Lily, she’s the youngest one. We sometimes stare at each other through the bars – me on my side and her on her side… and a few times I’ve even chased her when I’ve manage to escape into the cat zone!! That’s excellent fun!

Lily - Alpha Cat - 13yrs & 360 days old..

Lily - Alpha Cat - 13yrs & 360 days old..

Anyway, tomorrow is Sunday and I’m going out to meet another cocker spaniel and two labradors in the evening. They’re all grown up and live at the local pub – I’ve been invited to go and play in their garden before opening time, with mummy and daddy of course.


~ by Teagan on July 26, 2008.

One Response to “Gardening Dogs”

  1. That’s funny, attacking the flowers. When I first got Stella, the Dane, she pulled a small tree out of the ground in the first week – as an appetizer for what was to come. Within 2 months, the backyard was wrecked. All flowers trampled, all the grass dead. Oh well. We’ve recovered but it took a couple of years and a whole new landscape philosophy: only bomb proof plants allowed.

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