Weekend DIY

Daddy has been doing things in the garden.. I think I told you he fenced the pond off, but I can still get to it if I want to, I just can’t run straight into it now.. he’s also fenced off the funny little plants that grow on the front patio in the cat-zone. They’re funny little things that have big flowers on tall stalks. Very hard for me to even think of not taking a bite as I’m walking by – they just look so tasty! I did that to some other funny looking things that mummy said were pineapple lilies. She only had 2 and I snapped one off – she took it off me… when she finally managed to catch me… and then went and broke the other one off too as she reckons they’re probably not something I should be eating.

Anyway, where was I.. oh yes, daddy was doing things – he fixed the garden gate and put a proper latch on it, but he left his hammer on the lawn. Well, what a boring thing that was. Totally uncooperative and it was a real struggle for me to pick it up and move it.

It’s been really hot outside so daddy has put a paddling pool in the garden and filled it with some water for me to paddle in. It’s lovely and really fun to leap in and out. My apples float but I don’t mind sticking my head under water so I can get them out really easily.


~ by Teagan on July 27, 2008.

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