Let loose on the big wide world…

Well, a little bit of it anyway… and it’s all been so exciting I don’t know where to begin!

Sunday was just a normal day really, playing in the garden and sleeping and eating and doing all the usual sort of things… until tea time and then I had my collar and lead put on and we went out in the car again. I thought we were going to another puppy class at the vets, but we went to somewhere called the pub instead and sat in the garden. Pretty dull thought I until Cloughie came out to play!! Mummy and daddy had told me all about her, she’s two years old and big and sensible, well, not really… but bigger and more sensible than me. Jiggy and Derby came out to play too and then another little puppy just like me turned up to play as well!! She was called Lucy and is the same age as me but came from a different litter of puppies and is bigger than I am. Anyway, we all had fun running around the garden and playing together.

They even had some funny fat round things that mummy said are called bantams.. a bit like the chickens that live next door, only these look like they haven’t got any legs. I reckon they must have some legs though because they ran pretty fast when I chased them… boy that was fun… seeing them scurrying off as fast as their little non-legs would take them! Daddy wasn’t very pleased and I think maybe I’m not supposed to do that.. tho just to make sure I did it again a bit later, and still didn’t hear anyone say “good puppy”.


~ by Teagan on July 28, 2008.

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