“Walkies” – such a fun thing to do!!

Yesterday was the day I got to go for “walkies”!!!

In the morning we went out to the post office so mummy could buy some stamps. I saw Mary again and another nice lady who tickled my tummy and said I was lovely. Then we walked home a different way and then I went for a paddle in my pool because it was a bit hot.

We went out again after tea and this time we went up a different road and into a big field with some long grass in it. There were lots of smells too, but mummy didn’t let me pick up any of the really good stuff… there was some horse poo and I remember hearing that Jellybean had been eating that, so I wanted to try a bit too. It was still quite hot out so we only stayed out for 20 minutes and then went home again for another paddle to cool off. I met a couple of other dogs who were out for walks too.

Daddy went sailing tonight so as he wasn’t coming home til late I thought I’d like to go for another walk – so I started chewing on things and jumping up and down. It worked… mummy said I needed tiring out so we went back to the field again and I had another run around. I didn’t meet any dogs on the last walk, but I did meet a man who was taking his cat home… and he stopped to say hello to me. It was a great big white and tabby cat that was bigger than the ones at home.

Daddy says that I’m going to get to go for “walkies” every day now – even in the rain… hmmm… I’m not sure about the rain, but perhaps it’ll be okay once I’m out in it. Tonight he’s coming home and we’re all going to go for a walk together because he’s going away to sail a boat around an island. Mummy says I might get to go there one day because that’s where daddy’s sister lives and that makes her my real proper Auntie, and I’ve even got some human cousins too. It’s not very far away and doggies don’t need passports to go there.

Anyway, must get ready to go for a walk… that’s if mummy is ready – will she ever remember everything all in one go. Honestly she’s hopeless and it took us about 3 tries to get out the door on yesterday’s walks! Maybe she’ll be better at it today…


~ by Teagan on July 29, 2008.

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