Take it home with you!!

The field

The field

This is me in the field where we go for a walk. It’s just down the road from my house so we don’t have to walk very far to get to it. There’s another field just across the road but mummy says that one’s too big for me to walk round at the moment so we’ll save it until I’m bigger. This one is good for puppies – sometimes there are bunny rabbits in it and usually I meet another dog going for a walk. This evening’s walk took almost an hour because we kept meeting people out walking their dogs who stopped to talk to mummy, so I got to talk to their dogs.

Anyway, now that we’re having little walks two or three times a day, I get to do my ‘business’ in the long grass, which makes it more interesting for mummy when she has to pick it up. Not that anyone else seems to pick theirs up – the footpaths and bridleways are full of it…. right in the middle too, not even at the edge. Mummy gets quite annoyed and thinks everyone should pick up after their dogs even if we are in the country, or at least if they’re on a public footpath. She let daddy carry the poo-bag last night… not that it’s that bad, they’re posh little scented ones granny gave her and she double-bags to keep the pong in. As if a cute little puppy like me would do a pongy one like one of the ‘others’…. it’s all a big lie.

Anyway, we had a nice family walk last night as daddy has gone away for 10 days now, to race round the Isle of Wight on a boat, so it’s just me & mummy, but daddy is going to phone and say hello every night.. I like listening to him on the telephone. I don’t know how he does it but somehow he’s in this little silver thing and can speak to me. Wondrous. We went quite a long way so I had a ride on mummy’s shoulder for some of the way and daddy carried me as well when I got puffed. I’m not supposed to walk too far but as I’m only little they don’t mind giving me a ride and it means we can walk round a block instead of turning round after 10 minutes.

River Winterborne

River Winterborne

This was taken from a bridge we walk over… it’s the Winterborne river and mummy says that it mostly only has water in it in the Winter which is how it got its name, so no paddling for me at the moment. This is another bit of it in Winterborne Stickland and this website has pictures of lots of places on OS maps.. we’re going to go for walks along here when I’m bigger. Mummy’s not very good at reading OS maps so she’s hoping I’ll have a good sense of direction and be able to find my way home if she gets us lost!


~ by Teagan on July 30, 2008.

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