Is it natural…

Well, it just seems that every time I finish eating I get overcome by an attack of the mad-eyed teeth-gnashing jumping-up-and-down monster and go completely berserk. I also get this uncontrollable urge to grab mouthfuls of lawn and then dig as fast as I can before I get shouted at with that all too regular “NO”. Not that I take much notice, it’s far too much fun so I treat it like a big game. Like when I find a snail, or a particularly nice stone, I run round with it in my mouth, or drop it at mummy’s feet and then, just as she goes to pick it up, I grab it and run as fast as I can. This is me having a funny five minutes with my squeaky pheasant.

On Tuesday night after my tea I started chewing on the piece of carpet that covers some wires, quite harmless fun I thought. Then mummy started waffling on about the darned computer and said her internet had died. Ah.. sad thought I. Oh no… that would mean no blog! Anyway, about half an hour later she thought to look at the wire near the carpet.. and sure as poo is poo, I’d bitten right through the telephone wire. She made a hasty visit to the local DIY store to buy another one and this time daddy has put it in a big piece of hard white plastic stuff… it’ll take me months to chew through it again. Maybe it’ll make him get a move on and finish off the wiring in the office.

Teeth-Gnashing... foot got in the way...

Teeth-Gnashing... foot got in the way...

So, either the words on the dog biscuit bag are a lie, and it’s not all completely natural ingredients, or mummy’s other theory is right and I go bonkers because I’ve got a full tummy and need to let out a bit. She says Lily does the opposite – after she’s been into the litter tray and done a particularly stinky poo she’ll leap out and run around the house like a mad-thing and then fall asleep again. On the few occasions I’ve escaped out into the utility room where their indoor toilets are, I’ve stuck my head in the litter trays but usually get dragged out before I can decide whether there’s anything worth eating…

What do you think? (About the mad ingredient in dog biscuits, not the poo.) And while we’re talking about dog biscuits, do you crunch them or just swallow them down whole? Even with my posh brakefast bowl I still don’t chew them, tho’ I do chew the treat biscuits I get – I can thoroughly recommend the James Wellbeloved Cracker Snacks, they smell yummy and taste delicious. And what about snails, are they really dangerous to dogs? I’m not even sure I’d like to crunch one, so far I’ve only had them in my mouth, they’re a bit icky and start frothing after a while.


~ by Teagan on July 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “Is it natural…”

  1. Hi Teagan,
    Perfect! We LOVE mad-eyed, teeth-gnashing, jumping-up-and-down monster, berserk Cocker Spaniels. Our Gracie loves the pinchy-toes game – ask your Mummy to play it (you get lovely squeezy cuddles afterwards)!
    Diggory, Molly, Suki, Maggie and Gracie say Hi!

  2. Hi Diggory, Molly, Suki, Maggie & Gracie… wow what a lot of you! I’m always playing with mummy’s toes – her fault for wearing flip-flops all the time.. those toes are just sooo tempting! I always get loads of squeezy cuddles too. See you again soon, love Teagan x x

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