All change…

Well, it was puppy class No 3 on Thursday night, which was the one where we had a trainer come to talk to all us puppies and our humans. He was very good and had some really yummy treats.. he got us all to do something, like sit or walk to heel. I’m sure I got less treats than the others, even though I sat right in front of him and gave my best puppy dog pleading eyes look!

Anyway, mummy went up to the pet food shop this afternoon to see if she could get some of the food he recommended to stuff my ‘kong’ with.. and she came back with some different sort of food for me that was recommended by Dave the “Healthy Pets” man. He reckoned that the puppy food I’m on at the moment is full of all sorts of things that could make me hyper-active and go bonkers. So, I’m going to try this totally natural food for a while, it’s all fresh meat with no artificial ingredients, preservatives, colours or flavours. I had some for my tea at five o’clock – it was mixed with some yummy biscuits and a raw egg, which was to settle my tummy in case the change of food was going to upset me. Have to admit that I actually enjoyed eating it and I took a lot longer eating it than I usually do… and I spent ages licking my bowl clean too!

So, I’ll be letting you know how I get on with the new food. We might even go to the pet food shop together tomorrow so I can meet Dave and he can tell me if I have any intolerances to foods. I don’t know how he does that but it sounds interesting. I might even get mummy to buy me a new bed… it’s the shop where she got me my lovely green Danish Design duvet… I love that but I do need a bigger cosy round bed. There’s also a big field just near the shop so we can go for a walk while we’re there – Aunty Susie used to take Maja and Shelby for walks there too – she called it the Rec. Hey, I’m going to go and see Maja and Shelby on Sunday… I’m all excited about it – it’ll be the first time I’ve met Maja, then afterwards Shelby and I will go for a little walk together while Maja spends some time with her daddy.

We went for two walks today, one to the little field just across the road but the grass was kind of long and it was a bit overgrown on the other side of the stile so we went back to the other field, and this afternoon we went to the sheep field again. This is a picture of me in the little field, you can’t even see the stile but it’s there somewhere! We met a lovely dog called Annie this afternoon, she was just on holiday in the village, and this morning I met another little dog when we were walking up Bagwood Lane. There are such a lot of dogs around here, I’ll never remember all their names!

I’m always tired out when we get back from a walk even though we’re only out for about 20 minutes.. it’s having to hop over all the big tufts of grass that does it! This is me when I’ve just got back and flaked out on the floor.


~ by Teagan on August 1, 2008.

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