A Damp Day

It’s mostly been damp today. This morning it was heavy drizzle so for our first walk mummy wore her wellies and a hat and coat.. but made me go out as I am. A bit unfair I thought, she knows I don’t like the rain much. Paddling in the pool is different… the rain reminds me of those 3am toilet trips outside not long after I came to live here. I hated being plonked outside so I just did my tiddle as quick as I could on the doormat so we could go back in again. The warm nights were different, I liked those because we’d sit out on the bench together.

Our lunchtime walk wasn’t too bad, but the grass was still wet so poor little me got soaked again. Teatime walk was better, we went up Bagwood Lane so I managed to stay quite dry.

I told you that Daddy is on the Isle of Wight at Cowes Week – he had his first race today and his boat came 8th out of 19!! That’s pretty good!! His boat is called Caspian Services and it’s a Class 1 IRC. Mummy hasn’t managed to find any photographs of it yet so you’ll have to make do with photos of me instead. Much more interesting anyway.

One day I’ll go to the Isle of Wight – there’s a Cocker Spaniel Walk on the beach, in October, so mummy’s put it on the calendar and maybe we’ll be able to go.

Oh no, she’s put in this awful photo of me… I didn’t mean this one because I look silly. What’s this human thing they have with ears.. they’re always going on about them and saying how big they are. Just jealous.

And this is me again on my duvet, gosh my tummy looks tubby doesn’t it. It really isn’t that big, I’m quite sleek and slinky! My feet are getting huge tho and I’m soooooo hairy between my toes! Mummy’s bought some special scissors so she can trim them for me.

Time for me to get my growing sleep now, before mummy and I turn into pumpkins, so I’ll finish off with a little video of me and my puppy kong that was full of food.

~ by Teagan on August 2, 2008.

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