Dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs.. absolutely everywhere!!

There was a Lurcher & Terrier and Family Dog show in the village today… in MY field, hrmmphh. We went to go for a walk there this morning and it was full of cars and dogs so we walked up to the farm instead. If we hadn’t been going out we’d probably have joined in the fun, but I had a date to play with Shelby and Maja and didn’t want to get too tired out.

We had lunch and a little while after that we got in the car, me in my big cat box, and went over to Aunty Susie’s house.. I was a little bit nervous as I’d not met Maja before, but I shouldn’t have been because she was really nice. She was also really huge and incredibly bouncy – she and Shelby get to jump all over the furniture and go wild with no one telling them “NO”. Hmmm… they obviously have their mummy & daddy trained better than me – I’m going to have to work on that one because I’m not even allowed in the room where the comfy chairs and the ‘others’ are, except for special occasions!

Shelby and I went for a walk while Maja and her daddy watched cars on tv, then they came and found us later. Shelby and I had a ball – she showed me her pond which was excellent fun!! Loads of mud and water so I just jumped straight in and got all wet.

There’s not much of Maja so here’s a little one with a bit more of her in it.

Afterwards mummy took me to meet another dog on my way home – a big one called Sam. He was lovely and had a really nice long glossy coat – he was great to play with, not half as bouncy and loud as Maja was! Sam’s a really lucky dog and lives in a big house with a huge garden and fields to run around in. His human daddy is called Alan and he’s lent me a bed, which is very nice… but not as tasty as cardboard boxes, in fact it doesn’t look tasty at all. I hope I can go back there again to play one day!

We got back home at the same time as my friends James & Tom from next door got home from their holiday, so that means we won’t be going to check on the chickens like we have been doing. I quite like the chickens – I just sit and watch them as they walk around clucking, I don’t woof or jump up and down. Ooh I forgot to say that I met some cows today.. when I was out with Shelby and Maja. Huge great big things they were, lying down!

Anyway, it’s time I went to bed.. I don’t think even those pesky cats will be able to wake me up tonight! They sit in the kitchen and stare at me while I’m sleeping, sometimes I wake up because I can feel their eyes watching me… and if its dark their eyes are like big bright lights.


~ by Teagan on August 3, 2008.

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