Daddy’s Home!!!

Muston Lane

Muston Lane

It’s been a whole week since I last wrote – mummy says she’s been busy – don’t know what she’s been doing because daddy’s been away for a whole 10 days and she’s had nothing to do but look after me, and do a bit of work. All she’s done is feed me, run round the garden a bit and take me out for the odd walk. The weather’s not been very nice so there have been loads of big puddles around. It’s not really fair because mummy wears her muck boots and a coat and a hat and I have to go out with nothing.. she says I can have a coat when I’ve grown a bit bigger. I was 5.6kg this weekend, almost a whole kilogram bigger than last weekend.. so hopefully I’ll be “bigger” soon. I seem to be growing in odd places, my feet are getting so huge.. I trip over them sometimes, my ears are getting big too.. and my head.. and my tail is getting longer. I guess the rest of me must be getting bigger too because I’m too big for the harness mummy got for me – it was too big when I first tried it out and now it’s too small! So, she’s sort of given up on the idea that one day I’ll be a calm sedate doggy that will sit nicely on the car seat.. and has bought me a nice new doggy travel crate with some nice grey furry stuff for me to sleep on. It’s great because I can see where I’m going and where I’ve been and see mummy driving, and there’s lots of room for me and some toys for me to play with.

Me and the doorstop cat...

Me and the doorstop cat!

This is me and doorstop cat sitting on the setee in the conservatory together. I’m not really supposed to be on the furniture, I keep getting told I’m a “dog”.. as if I didn’t know that already. I think it’s the humans that just like to think they’re in charge so I try to fool them into thinking I’m into all this pack leader stuff.. makes life easier if they think they’re at the top of the pile! Besides, I’m only a little puppy so they have to let me get away with some stuff.. I have such a short attention span, when it comes to training.. but not when it comes to waiting for my dinner.. that they have to make allowances for me!

Anyway, daddy came home on Saturday morning.. mummy and I went out for a walk first thing and then while I was having a nap she went and picked him up from the train. We had loads and loads of cuddles and I had to give him a good wash because he was a bit pongy after being on a boat every day for a week – mummy took a video but it wasn’t very good because we were in the kitchen. Today we went to see granny and I had fun playing with the funny toy dog that woofs and speaks to me.. it’s a bit peculiar but quite fun to play with. On the way home we stopped off in Sturminster Marshall and went for a walk in a big field.

Me and Daddy

Well mummy’s really tired so I’m going to have to go now. Hopefully it won’t be so long before next time because I’ve been doing such a lot and haven’t got time to tell you all about it in one go.


~ by Teagan on August 10, 2008.

One Response to “Daddy’s Home!!!”

  1. Hey Teagan, haven’t you grown! I’ve been poorly for a couple of weeks, but it was lovely to get a card from you, your Mum/Dad and the cats. I’m feeling lots better now and starting to do stuff again. Looks like you have been having fun on your walks, lets hope the weather cheers up! Jane xx

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