15 Weeks Old Today!!

Another birthday – I’m 15 weeks old now, gosh that’s getting grown up – I’m nearly 4 months old and will be almost full grown in another couple of months! And now that I’m over 5 kg that means that I’m three times as big as I was, it’s no wonder I keep tripping over my feet, they get bigger overnight and it takes me a while to adjust in the morning!

Bigger than a ruler...

Bigger than a ruler...

It’s not a very good picture, my legs look really short and my tummy looks really big.. tho’ that’s probably because it was full of lunch! I’d only just finished and was having a little nap while it settled! I’m not supposed to exercise right before and after meals but sometimes I do go a bit bonkers and run around like a mad thing even with a tummy full of food. Usually I play with my toys, or with mummy.. and sometimes I just run around and do silly things all on my own..

I was being quite sedate here.. usually I run round and round the garden and dive in the flower beds and go really bonkers!

Last night we went to the pub again, so I could meet Jan – “Hello Jan” if you’re reading this!! It was great fun to see Cloughie and Derby & Jiggy again. We didn’t stay very long and went for a walk by the river afterwards – I didn’t go for a swim, but did have a bit of a splodge about in the mud just before we got back in the car to go home.

It’s been really wet and windy out today – we went for a walk this morning and had to shelter in the trees at the edge of the corn field because it was so windy and the rain was coming sideways! It didn’t last for long though and on the way home it was lovely and sunny again.

The cornfield..

The cornfield..

It’s not been very good for drying washing – this is a picture of the “washing” hanging outside.. Caption Competition.. entries in the comment box below please. Roll up roll up, don’t be shy!!

That’s about it for today.. I’m bushed.. and need to get some sleep to do my overnight growing!!

~ by Teagan on August 12, 2008.

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