My first pig’s ear..

Actually it was a lot of firsts for me today.. not just the pig’s ear, but that was the best first of the day, so here’s a picture of me the ‘pub dog’ happily chewing on my pig’s ear.. whenever daddy asks if I want to go to the pub I’m going to say “yes, yes, yes”!!

Me at the pub with a bit of pig's ear!!

Me at the pub!

We’d been for a walk and stopped out in the pub garden for a while and the landlady said we should go into the public bar so she could meet me… so we did. Anyway, she came out and said hello and tickled my tummy.. and then went somewhere and came back with a pig’s ear slice for me! Shelby had told me about pigs ears, but I’d not had one before.. and it was soooooo yummy! It was really just a bribe to keep me quiet, but I don’t care what it was for, as long as I get another one! I took it home with me and have hidden it in the garden. Mummy thinks I’m a bit young for a whole one, but this was just a slice so hopefully she’ll let me have another one if I’m good.

The first ‘first’ of the day was being let into the cat-zone.. where the comfy chairs are.. for more than a minute! Mummy was ironing but she opened up the stable door and let me in. Lily was there and we said hello to each other, well, actually she just hissed at me and then hid behind a footstool. So I was very good and just sat down in front of the sofa and watched her. I did my cute puppy wriggle along the ground with my tail wagging, but she wasn’t impressed and just looked down her squat little nose at me!



The second first was when daddy came home and we all went out for a walk.. mummy came too because I’m not very good at walking with daddy on my own. Well, it’s not me, it’s him, he’s not very good.. and if I sit down he thinks I don’t want to walk! It’s a game I play with mummy but daddy doesn’t know the rules yet. Anyway, we went up Bagwood Lane which was really muddy and full of puddles, and up into the field. There was no one else in there so I got let off the lead and was FREE!! So much nicer than having the lead to get tangled round my legs. It may be 8 metres long but mummy calls me her elastic dog because I keep coming backwards and forwards. This is me running between mummy and daddy..

It was all so exciting that I was really tired when I got home. I’ve been dreaming about walking in long grass and seeing horses.. I met two tonight, they were quite nice but I wasn’t taking any chances and stayed close to mummy and daddy! Mummy laughs at me when I’m sleeping because she says I make these funny little woofy noises and sometimes I wake up barking! Don’t I look grown up now.. I met a proper farm dog called Zack tonight and his farmer dad.. he was quite big so made me look quite small, but I almost look just like a proper cocker spaniel now, but a small one. Funny that isn’t it!

15 weeks old!

15 weeks old!


~ by Teagan on August 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “My first pig’s ear..”

  1. you look like you had great fun in the field. well done you with all your recalling. you are so good at it!!! and you are growing into a beautiful young lady!!

  2. Very nice of you to say so Paige! I can be very good when I want to be.. I’m not a fussy eater like your Molly and I’ll do anything for food! We watched the video of her eating her dinner and thought it was really funny. I don’t get a treat every time I do something, sometimes I just get told I’m a ‘good girl’, but I daren’t risk missing out! Bye for now, love Teagan x

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