Walk with Me.. Swim with Me..

Now, at the end of this lane..

This is the lane..

This is the lane..

is a cattle grid..

This is the cattle grid

This is the cattle grid

Have you ever seen one that big before? I’m not sure what they’re trying to stop going across.. probably the cows..

The cows live here..

The cows live here..

but luckily it’s got a lot of grass and stuff growing in it so it’s not too bad.. it took a couple of attempts, but I soon got the hang of it. Speed is the answer..

Luckily the cows were too far away to see me and no one else was around!

This evening when daddy got home we all got ready and went out in the car again. This time we went to Arne, near Wareham, and walked down through the woods to the water. There were lots of Sika deer in the fields, and some along the path, and some massive ants just near where I sat down! The deer were really funny, I could have sat watching them for ages.. they made these weird noises and sort of jumped up and down on all four feet at the same time. Anyway, the best bit of the walk was when we got down to the beach..

The sea was great fun, nice and shallow for my little legs but I went out a bit deeper and had a good swim around, but I think mummy missed that bit.. she’s always doing that, leaving the lens cap on. Afterwards I spent ages running around in the sand and digging up seaweed.

We walked down a different path to get back to the car and then came on home. So now it’s time for me to sleep.. and grow..


~ by Teagan on August 15, 2008.

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