My first flush!!

On our walk this morning I did my usual sniffing round the hedges and in people’s driveways, and in the hedge opposite the horses I had an extra big sniff and poked my head right in the hedge and a bird flew out! Only a pigeon, but I think that’s what I’m supposed to do.. flush them out, so I guess it was my first “flush”.

That was about as exciting as it got today because it was a grey wet sort of day so I decided to stay in bed and do some growing. Mummy and I did go out and have a run around the garden but it was too wet and soggy to do a lot.

When daddy came home he took me for a walk up the lane and in the field – I met loads of dogs, I think daddy counted about 15. I’d met some before, but some were new ones. I think we were all out for walks at the same time because we’d all been stuck indoors all day.

Last night we went to visit granny and we went for a walk first, to tire me out a bit so I wasn’t quite so bouncy – well, that was the idea, but it doesn’t really work like that as I have a never ending supply of bounces and tail wags! I love going to see granny, we get to go upstairs in the lift and then there are great long corridors I can race along. Granny had put a bowl of water out ready for me and I played with the talking dog again. This is me and granny – the first picture is me doing my mad dog look and the second one is me doing my perfect pooch look. (just click on the photos if you want to get the full effect of my poochy madness /perfectness!!)

Teagan the mad dog with granny!!

Teagan the mad dog with granny!!

Teagan the Perfect Pooch!

Teagan the Perfect Pooch!

Have I told you that I weigh 6 kilos? Everyone keeps telling me that I look like a proper little dog now instead of a little puppy – tomorrow I’ll be 16 weeks old which is almost grown up. It’s Wamba’s birthday next week on Thursday – she’s old and ancient so she only has a birthday once a year and will be 17. Lily had her birthday last month and she was 14 so she’s not quite so old and ancient. I think we might get to be friends one day – she hisses at me but I don’t chase her, well, not if she doesn’t run.. Sometimes she sits and watches me and mummy lets her into the ‘dog-zone’ when I’m sleeping so she can say hello when I’m not in bouncy mode!

Teagan and her puppy kong

Teagan and her puppy kong

~ by Teagan on August 18, 2008.

One Response to “My first flush!!”

  1. What a proper “big” dog you are turning into. Still black and wiggley but very grown up! I liked the “mad dog” pic of you on Granny’s lap… Good luck with the “growing”… you are doing really well.

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