Do you believe in fairies??

Hey, who stole my ear?

Hey, who stole my ear?

I’ve told you before that she’s hopeless at taking photos – what on earth has happened to my other ear? Don’t you think she’d have rearranged me before making me look like a complete plonker.. it’s bad enough that she takes photos while I’m asleep.. and upside down..

Anyway, if you look closely you can see that I’ve got a gummy gap!! Actually, you can also see that I’d not long had my lunch because there are bits of it still on my chin. My front left tooth on the top has come out so now I’ve got an excuse to chew anything and everything and have it called “teething”. Mummy hasn’t found the tooth but I’m still wondering if the tooth fairy will come tonight and leave something under my doggy duvet.

This morning mummy had to get her car MOT’d so we went to Kevin’s Garage and while it was being done we went for a walk.

There was a nice footpath across fields to Winterborne Houghton so we walked there and then walked back again.. but we did stop and have a look at the fish farm while we were there. There’s a much better picture of it HERE. We could see the fish in the water and on our way back we saw one that had escaped out into the stream, but it was an ex-fish, the water in the little stream is far too shallow for them so I suppose it will have been lunch for a passing bird or creature.

The fish farm

The fish farm

The little stream runs all along by the side of the lane going to Winterborne Stickland and it’s great for paddling in!

I was quite worn out by the time we got home, and after my lunch I spent most of the afternoon napping. By about 4 o’clock I was all re-charged, ready for anything, and doing my usual mad dog thing so we went out for another walk when daddy came home from work. On the way home we called in at the pub again.. woo hoo.. and the lovely landlady gave me a dried tripe stick! That kept me busy for a while but I managed to eat the whole thing.. which is a bit worrying for mummy because she’s seen a whole one when it’s been outside in the rain all night. I hope it doesn’t do that in my tummy! I did chew it well though.. and it made my teeth feel a lot better.

Daddy and me resting..

Daddy and me resting..

Daddy and I had a little snooze in the conservatory, while mummy heated up some soup for his dinner, and then we all had an early night.


~ by Teagan on August 20, 2008.

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