Bank Holiday Fun

Well this one’s for Andrew, I’m sure he’ll enjoy seeing me giving daddy the run around. We started off playing fetch, with him throwing the ball for me, but the grass is so long that I couldn’t see where it went and it ended up with daddy spending ages looking for the ball! So he started throwing it just a little way away.. which was okay, but it doesn’t take me long to get bored and then I like to play chase!

On the way back home we sometimes go in the pub and sit in the public bar. We seem to go there quite a lot, but I don’t mind because I get to have a pig’s ear or a stick of dried tripe! There’s a gigantic dog lives there, called Kenya.. Kenya’s so tall that she can look right over the bar.

Kenya.. the Great Dane

Kenya.. the Great Dane

Anyway, it’s quite hard work running in long grass, I’ve only got little legs and have to leap over all the clumps of grass, and even if we stop and have a rest in the pub, by the time I get home I’m really worn out and ready for my bed!

Relaxing on my green doggy duvet

Relaxing on my green doggy duvet

This is me on my duvet – I can stretch out full length on here. I still have my old round bed but that’s kind of small so mummy uses it to put all my toys in, not that they stay in there for long. She comes along and tidies me up, makes the bed and puts my toys away, and I come along and take all my toys out again. Sometimes I leave them out in the garden or in the flowerbeds.. then they get all soggy and dirty and have to be washed.


~ by Teagan on August 25, 2008.

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