Tuesday Stroll

This is along the bridle way at Winterborne Clenston. The path goes all along the edge of this field and then you walk up along the edge of the woods you can just see – which go up a really steep bit of hill. Then the path goes through the woods and then back down to the road by the church. It’s part of a much longer walk that we’ll do when I’m more grown up, but at the moment it’s far enough for my little legs!

I get let off the lead when we’re away from roads and when there aren’t any cows or sheep or horses around.. this is me showing off doing my speedy recall!

Sometimes I don’t even get a treat afterwards.. but most times I do, so I have to run back if I get called.. just in case! I’m pretty good though and don’t go too far ahead.

By the way, I’m still teething.. mummy’s sort of lost count but I’ve got my two front teeth and one of the ones on the bottom too. The big teeth come through really quickly, so she thinks she might have missed some falling out. I’m also still busy growing and on Monday I was 6.5 kilos, so that’s over one and a half kilos in a month which is what I weighed when I first arrived! Gosh, they’d need a pretty big mixing bowl for me to sit in now!


~ by Teagan on August 26, 2008.

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