Busy days..

We had visitors staying with us at home for 3 days this week so I haven’t been able to get to the blog before now – they were mummy’s oldest friend, Sal, and Brian. Well, she’s not her ‘oldest’ friend, she knows older people.. but she’s the one she’s known the longest – since they were both little human beings at primary school. Anyway, Sal’s got a dog called Truman, a big german shepherd who weighs 53kg (wow isn’t that big.. I’m not even 7kg yet), and we’re going to go and visit him soon and also visit his granny’s dog, Kylie, who’s a mad little thing. So I guess we’ll get on together okay because I’m a bit mad too! I might have to be on best behaviour with Truman because he’s quite grown up and old. We took Sal on my favourite walk in Winterborne Stickland.

Teagan in the Corn
Teagan in the Corn

This is me in the corn field at Winterborne Stickland, carrying mummy’s camera case.

And this is me in the field we go in just before we go down to the stream for a paddle.

This week has all been really exciting.. I’ve been getting to know horses and cows better – this is me talking to the horses near our house. Usually they don’t come to the gate to say hello, but they were quite friendly.

I also got to talk to the cows near Dairy Farm – we were just walking by and they were all sitting down in the grass but some got up to come over to the gate to talk to me. It was a bit scary, but they were very nice.. even if they were kind of huge!

The cows at Dairy Farm
The cows at Dairy Farm

This is me in the corn field that’s on my usual walk near to home.. I don’t think the corn will be there when we go back on Monday because the combine was out in the field nearby, so it might be all cut down. I’ll miss the corn because it’s such fun to run up and down the rows and hide from mummy. When she took this picture she dropped her glasses and didn’t notice until we got half way back down the field.. so we had to walk up and down about 4 times looking for them. I got bored in the end because she couldn’t see them, but I put my nose in gear and soon sniffed them out for her. I got lots of big cuddles for being such a clever puppy!


~ by Teagan on August 29, 2008.

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  1. I knew there was a reason for getting a dog… glasses sniffer!

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