Birthday Treats!

Saturday was mummy’s birthday.. I’d better not tell you how old she is, but it’s pretty old.. so daddy planned a special day out for us all!

It was really fun.. we went out in the car down to Norden and got the steam train to Swanage! It was my first trip on a train!! We sat in a little compartment next to a nice lady and gentleman who were having a day out too. I was sitting on mummy’s knee, next to the lady, and she tickled me and let me lick her – she told mummy that they’d lost their dog a while ago because he was very old.

This is mummy and I at the station – I was very well behaved even though everyone wanted to talk to me and we met lots of dogs and children!! (This will probably be a little tiny photo because mummy doesn’t like being in photographs!)

Mummy & I at Swanage Railway Station

Mummy & I at Swanage Railway Station

After we left the station we walked down through the town – talking to lots of people and dogs on the way – and to mummy’s friend’s shop “Jurassic” (do click the link to have a look and if you’re in Swanage go there – it’s a really cool shop, they sell all sorts of camping and hiking gear, and some really nice clothes for humans). They didn’t mind me going in because there’s usually a dog called Tucker who has his own chair out front! Daddy bought mummy a nice pink fluffy cosy Weird Fish top and got me a travel water bowl and a special doggy towel. The doggy towel is sort of like an oven glove and it’s really good for getting my paws and legs dried off. I’m still not sure about the water bowl, but it’s pretty nifty as it will squish flat to go in a pocket.

After that we went for a walk at Durlston country park and I had my lunch outdoors!! That was really fun, having it outside instead of at home.

Me & Daddy at Durlston Country Park

Me & Daddy at Durlston Country Park

After my lunch we went down to the sea where I had a paddle – I even found a fish on the beach, which had a really funny smell and made me go all peculiar!

Mummy and daddy pretended to be grockles and had some chips and then we sat outside a pub and they had a beer. I had a tiny bit as well.. maybe when I’m all grown up they’ll let me have a bit more than a little lick!

We got the train back to Norden and then went back home for a rest! I was really tired but we went out in the evening for a little walk – my favourite one round Winterborne Stickland through the fields and down to the stream, where I had a paddle – and then we went to Ibberton where I had my dinner out in a pub garden and then we went indoors so mummy and daddy could have their dinner, while I slept under the table. I like eating my dinner outdoors, it’s really fun!


~ by Teagan on August 31, 2008.

One Response to “Birthday Treats!”

  1. What a great day. Liked the fish film… you know what to get Teagan for her birthday!

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