Spot the dog..

This morning daddy was up really early to go to London so I got to sleep in without him waking me up for my breakfast! Mummy fed me at about half past eight which is much more respectable! Anyway, I let my tummy settle and then had a run around in the garden. We went for a walk afterwards, it was pretty windy and a bit chilly out when the sun went in. First we had a look round the corner at the new school which is almost finished. Hopefully it’ll all be done soon because the diggers and thwackers and cranes all make such a lot of noise when I’m playing in the garden.

Mummy thought we’d try the field opposite for a change – the grass is a bit long and wild, but we just about managed to get through – mummy climbed over the stile and I hopped through the fence when mummy held the barbed wire down to make a bigger gap. The grass was so long I could hide really easily – I bet you can’t find me!!!

The top field was really good fun because the corn is still there so I ran up and down the rows playing hide and seek with mummy.

The combine was in the field next door and we had to walk across he field to get to the pathway.. it was sleeping so we didn’t make a lot of noise in case it woke up.

In the evening mummy and I went in the car to the office where we picked up daddy and went over to Auntie Susie’s house. Woo hoo, I just love seeing Shelby and Maja, they’re my bestest friends!! We spent a while going bonkers in the house and then all went for a walk together. As I’m hiding in all the photos so far, this is an extra big lot of pictures of me playing with Shelby and Maja. It really tires me out but it’s such fun running wild and even being knocked over by Maja is fun! Shelby is so funny when she gets annoyed with Maja, she growls and barks at her and bites her ankles. Maja was very nice to me even though I kept jumping up at her and doing my bouncy tigger impression.

This is a picture of me in the heather..

We all had a really great time – I can’t wait to see them again!


~ by Teagan on September 3, 2008.

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