What happened to the sunshine?

It seems to have been raining for days now.. big fat heavy raindrops.. and I keep having to go out in it! I don’t mind too much, once I get warmed up, but I’m only little..

This morning I went out with daddy for a walk while mummy went out. It was raining when we left the house and I really didn’t want to go so I sat on the steps but daddy told me I didn’t have a choice about it. Hrmmph. I got really wet and so did daddy but we had good fun too.

I thought that might be it for the day, but after mummy got home I knew I was going to go out again. It’s such a performance, humans have to put on coats and hats and wellies.. and fill their pockets with poo bags and treats and toys for me, my water bottle and bowl. Mummy takes the camera and her phone and tissues and all sorts of other things. Honestly, sometimes it takes us ages to get out the door. Tonight we went out in the car to Bere Regis and went for the long walk up through the woods, across the heath and down through the ferns and heather, stopping off in a field to play with a ball..

.. then down to Shitterton where we all went for a paddle in Bere Stream, which flows into the River Piddle, to get the mud off before walking back to the car in Bere Regis. I even had a piddle in the stream so sort of piddled in the Piddle.. how funny is that!!

Somewhere under the rainbow..

Somewhere under the rainbow..

It rained an awful lot and we all got wet, especially walking down through the heather and ferns.

Just look at the clouds that were about to dump all their rain on us..

When we got home we stopped off at the pub.. and as we went in the bar another dog was already there! That was such a surprise for both of us – we spent ages “saying hello”, doing the sniffy thing – and jumping around and play fighting.

Me and Boycie

Me and Boycie

His name is Boycie (not too sure if that’s Boycey or Boycie, but we’ll go with Boycie for now) and he’s a black Jack Russell Terrier who lives just up the road from the pub. He’s 9 months old, so twice as old as me, but really good fun. I hope I meet him again when we’re out on a walk one day and then we can have a run around together instead of being on our leads in the pub where we had to behave ourselves.

I wonder what we’ll get up to tomorrow.. I hope it stops raining..


~ by Teagan on September 6, 2008.

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