Fun at the cricket club

Today there was kart racing at the cricket club so after our morning walk we went to watch. We thought it was going to rain because all the cows were lying down, but they were probably just making sure that they had a nice dry patch of grass and it’ll rain later on today after all the racing has finished!

Rain Forecast

Rain Forecast

There were lots of other things to see – people things, like a bouncy castle, and stalls with stuff on them, a caravan thing selling human food, and more boring stuff like that – then there was the exciting bits like a pen with some piglets in! I’d not met pigs before and these were really friendly. They were having fun digging up the grass and no one was shouting at them!

There was ferret racing too – I hadn’t seen a ferret before, they look like they could be really good fun to play with even if they are a bit long and skinny!

Furry Playthings ?

Furry Playthings ?

There was a competition for dogs too – a scurry race – but there were straw bales in a big pen and I wouldn’t have known what to do so I didn’t have a go at that, maybe next time when someone tells me what I’m supposed to do!

The big event was the kart racing and James from next door was racing with his daddy – James was sitting in the kart and his daddy was pushing – they were really fast and won this race.

Well, that was my morning.. I’m going to sleep for the afternoon until it’s time for my next walk.


~ by Teagan on September 7, 2008.

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