Wet Wet Wet

Well, I really am fed up of all this rain now. Yesterday and today I got wet, in fact this evening I had to swim through puddles! Daddy got home in time for us all to go for a walk together so we went up Bagwood Lane but went up past the sheep field.. that’s the one we usually play ball in, but now it’s full of sheep so we don’t go in any more, well we did yesterday and I had to stay on a short lead to do my ‘sheep socialisation’.. and past the horseradish field that we usually walk through.. that’s what mummy calls it because it has lots of horseradish growing down the pathway, and comfrey.. and right on up the hill to Bere Down. I’d been with daddy up here at the weekend and we’d turned left where the lane splits and walked down past where all the hounds live. Today we went the other way.. and carried on up the hill.

It’s getting kind of dim in the evenings now so mummy didn’t have the camera with her, also it’s a bit big and lumpy to keep out of the rain. Anyway, you should have seen the size of the puddles – they went right the way across the lane and were almost up to the top of mummy & daddy’s wellies and they were walking right at the edge, holding onto the branches in the hedge. I was already soaking wet by now anyway, after having to walk through little puddles, so I just went for it.. and boy was it deep!! I had to swim because my feet didn’t touch the ground! Mummy really wished she’d had her camera with her.. there were lots of these big ‘puddles’ before we got to the top of the hill and turned into a field, which mummy said was the Jubilee Trail. We walked across the field and down to the road.. and played some ball games on the way. Daddy says that when I’m bigger we can walk the other way and go to Bere Regis.. it’s a bit too far for my little legs right now though.

Anyway, we went the long way home via the pub.. where the nice lady came and said hello and gave me a huge tripe stick! Yummy yummy.. I was really starving hungry and daddy had forgotten to put a big chew treat in his pocket for me! I saw Kenya too – we didn’t speak, she just rested her chin on the top of the door in the bar and we looked at each other. Her legs must be soooooooo long!

So, as mummy hasn’t been taking the camera out in the rain, here are some photos of me sleeping and just being cute.. which I do a lot of!

Daddy and Me

Daddy and Me

You can see how big I’ve grown..

This is me and my shoe.. the one I’m allowed to chew.. it’s quite tasty, but I much prefer to chew mummy’s shoes when she forgets to put them out of my reach! Did I tell you that I can now jump on the seats in the conservatory? Today I got on a chair and managed to climb across onto the table and steal some dried flowers out of a bowl. Mummy wasn’t very pleased when she came in and saw me standing on the table.. can’t imagine why, I thought it was really clever.  She just picked me up and put me on the floor and now even daddy is shouting at me when I jump on the chairs..


~ by Teagan on September 9, 2008.

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