Mud Glorious Mud

Another wet day, but a bit better because it wasn’t raining, just very wet under paw.

Someone woke the big combine up because our field got cut, so now it’s got a lovely hedgehog haircut and there are huge piles of straw bales. It makes the field a bit prickly but it’s not too bad. We went there for a walk early this morning, well, sort of early.. it was about half past eight as mummy was going out later on.

We walk down the grassy side of the field, then along the track up to the other corner of the field.. the track is really muddy after all this rain, but not as muddy as Bagwood Lane is. Anyway, there’s one spot with a huge puddle all the way across and mummy thought she’d get a picture of me running through the puddle to the other side. Well, I wasn’t having any of it.. not after having to swim last night! So I refused to budge until mummy stepped in the puddle first.. and then I ran straight in and leapt around and splashed while she was walking through the water, and I jumped up and grabbed her leg. It was really funny, but it did stop her taking pictures of me!

We did the same walk again when mummy got back home after we’d had our lunch, which was odd because we don’t very often do the same walk two times in a row.. I think it’s because she got a pedometer thingy for her birthday and we measure how many steps and miles a day we do, and she forgot to put it on first thing this morning, so we had to go and do it again. She’s doing it because daddy thinks it would be good if there’s an official record of my mileage.. how silly is that!

Anyway, daddy came home from work in time to come on the evening walk and we went to Bere Regis in the car – I like going for walks that start off with a car journey! We went a bit different route tonight.. just to keep mummy on her toes because she thought she’d almost got the hang of the other route. She’s got no sense of direction and gets lost easily.. so I have to pay attention so I know which way to go!

The slugs love this weather.. there are loads of them in the fields and along the footpaths. Huge black ones and orangey ones. I’m not keen on slugs, they’re awfully sticky things and I don’t try to pick them up, I prefer snails with shells that rattle on my teeth! This is a picture of 2 great big slugs up on the heath where we went for our evening walk, they were really huge and you could see their pneumostomes!! Wow what a big word.. mummy looked it up on wikipedia because she didn’t know what the holes in the slugs were!

These two slugs were just beside this huge stone.. I love big stones and am always digging them up in the garden, but this one was a bit big for me. Mummy likes stones too.. but it was even too big to get daddy to carry it home for her.

After the walk we stopped off at the Botany Bay pub on the way home. I love going there, it’s really fun seeing everyone and they don’t mind me bouncing around! I even got given a bit of pigs ear to keep me going until my supper. I didn’t see Cloughie or the labradors, they’d already gone upstairs to bed, I have to go there earlier on to see them.


~ by Teagan on September 10, 2008.

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